Discover Ayurveda
Ayurveda meaning 'science of life,' is a traditional branch of medicine belonging to India. The ayurvedic therapies are so effective that it has become popular all over the world as alternative medicine. According to Ayurveda, the five great elements or “Panchatatva”- earth, water, fire, air and space- compose the Universe, not forgetting the human body. It says that human body is made of three main constituents- Dosha Dhatu Mala. Doshas- “vata” or wind/spirit/air; “pitta” or bile; and “kapha” or phlegm- are principles that control all physical activities. Dhatus are main physical constituents that maintains physical condition of human body. Mala, the waste products, are to be excreted out of the body.
Ayurveda advocates a balance among the three “doshas” of the body. When any of the three- Vata, Pitta or Kapha- become accumulated in the body, it leads to diseases. Ayurveda treats such diseases through recommendation of specific lifestyle, nutritional guidelines, and Ayurvedic medicines made of Indian herbs. If toxins in the body cannot be controlled by them, then Ayurveda conducts a cleansing process called “Pancha Karma” to eliminate all the undesirable toxins. It believes that a healthy metabolic system, good digestion, and proper excretion are key to a good health and fulfilling life. It gives great importance to exercise, yoga, meditation, and massage.
The alternative therapy of Ayurved gives significance to maintaining ones daily life and habits in a proper way and avoid the onset of diseases at the first place. However, Ayurveda & Diseases can't be separated in any way because there remain many factors that are not in human control and will cause some or the other disease. Ayurveda gives equal importance to ailments & remedies. It does not give treatments on just the basis of symptoms. It has extensive ways to diagnose the diseases. In fact, Maharishi Ayurveda (ayurveda preached by great saints) has specified five tools to identify diseases which are jointly called 'Nidan Panchak'. Ayurveda herbal remedy as well as ayurvedic home remedies are prescribed only after taking into consideration the five clues for diagnosing the disease. Discover Ayurveda and its unique ways to define, classify, diagnose and treat various diseases in the following sections.