Herbs that Cure
Since Ayurveda is a holistic and natural system of healing, it is only to be expected that the simplest and most common-place of items shall be used as ingredients for creating some very easy-to-make but most effective cures for and preventives against day-to-day ailments.

A few of which are mentioned below 

(Azadirachta indica)


  • Blood purifier, beauty enhancer

Pimples: Mix neem powder, red sandalwood powder and curd in equal proportions. Apply the paste on the affected area

Dandruff: Heat coconut oil with 100 gms.of neem powder and apply to your hair once a week.

Tulsi - Basil
(Ocimum sanctum)

  • Antiseptic

Face pack: Basil (stem/leaves) juice, lime juice and honey can work wonders to your oily skin.

Pimples: Blend crushed basil with mint (pudina) juice & lime juice. Apply this on your pimples.

Amla - Gooseberry
(Emblica officinalis)

  • One of the purest forms of natural Vitamin C.
  • Nourishes the hair, thickening and darkening it at the same time.
  • Good tonic for the eyes.

Hair tonic: Mix henna powder, gooseberry, curd & lemon juice. Apply this to your hair and leave it for an hour. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

(Acacia concinna)

  • Hair-vitaliser.

Herbal shampoo: Make a paste of shikakai, soap nut and gooseberry powder. This would serve as an effective herbal shampoo.

Reetha - Soap nut
(Sapindus trifoliatus)

  • Excellent hair tonic

Dandruff: Mix soap nut with water and apply once a week.

Brahmi - Indian pennywort
(Bacopa monnieri)

  • Relieves anxiety & tension.
  • Enhances memory power.
  • Effective for nervous disorders

Memory enhancer: Crush few tender leaves of Indian pennywort and express the juice after filtering with a clean cloth.Take 2 tea spoon of Brahmi juice before meal.

Mehendi - Henna
(Lawsonia albla)

  • Excellent hair conditioner & tonic.

Herbal bleach: Make a blend of cucumber, orange & lemon juice with henna and apply

Ghritkumari -
(Aloe vera)

  • Used for liver & spleen disorder.
  • Promotes & regulates menstrual period.
  • Hair vitalizer.

Liver disorder: Indian aloe is a form of cactus. After peeling the hard skin, the pulp to be cored from inside. Take a leaf from the pulp with black salt and ginger juice every morning for 10 days. 

Promotes hair growth /arrests hair loss: Mix Aloe Vera gel with, castor oil, olive oil and apply. Skin nourisher: Massage a blend of castor and mustard oil with aloe vera gel into your skin and wait for the magic!

(Eucalyptus citriodara)

  • Best solution for blocked nose & sore throat.
  • Excellent deodorant.
  • Effective for acne and boils

Acne & boils: Mix eucalyptus oil with mustard oil and apply on the affected zone.

Chandan - Sandalwood
(Santalum album)

  • Skin freshener.
  • Soul-stirring fragrance.

Glowing skin:Make a paste of sandalwood with Fuller's Earth (multani mitti), besan, barley flour and wheat flour and apply.

Stubborn acnes & pimples: Use sandalwood with neem and basil powder.

Jyotishmati / Malkangani -
(Celastrus paniculatus)

  • Excellent pain reliever

Relieves pain: Apply staff-tree oil on the affected area.

Five-leafed chaste
(Vitex negundo)

  • Essential for acne, boils, eczema and hair loss.
  • Popular deodorant

Acne,Boils, Eczema:Apply the ground and boiled leaves on the affected zone. 

Feeling & looking fresh: Mix boiled leaves with your bath water and use it. You will be gifted with a glowing skin

Til - Sesame
(Sesamun indicum)

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Acts as a herbal dye.

For soft & smooth hair: Apply sesame oil and massage lightly before bath

(Eclipta alba)

  • Essential hair tonic

Thick, dark hair : Apply a mixture of bhringaraj, gooseberry, coconut, almond and olive .

Kesar - Saffron
(Crocus sativus)

  • Effective for pimples
  • Skin cleanser


For fair complexion: Blend a few strands of saffron in a cup of raw milk and let it soak overnight. Apply on to your skin the next morning and leave it for at least an hour.