Aap: Water element.

Acne: An inflammatory eruption occurring usually on the face and neck.

Agni: digestive fire, synonymous with properly balanced cell metabolism in Western medicine.

Ajna chakra: Centre of command,the" third eye".

Akasha: Ether or space.

Alambusha nadi: Yogic nadi, channel.

Alochaka pitta: Form of pitta governing vision.

Ama: residual impurities deposited in the cells as the result of improper digestion.
Also mental ama, impure or negative thoughts and moods.

Anaemia: A below-normal level in the number of red blood cells.

Analgesic: A substance that relieves pain.

Anna: Food.

Apana vayu: Downward moving vayu.

Arishta: Symptom suggestive of death.

Aromatic: Taste which stimulates the gastrointestinal tract.

Artava: Menstrual Blood.

Artavaha srotas: Menstrual channels.

Arthritis: An inflammatory condition of the joints.

Asana: Posture, third stage of yoga.

Ascites: An excessive accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Asthi: Bone.

Asthidhara kala: Special membrane for bone.

Asthma: A respiratory disorder in which there is breathlessness wheezing and cough (dry or with mucus expectoration).

Atrophy: A wasting or diminution of size or physiological activity of a part of the body.

Avalambaka Kapha: Form of Kapha in chest.

Attributes: The inherent qualities or properties of a substance

Avasthapaka: Primary phase of digestion