Signature Treatment

Ujjivana (Relaxation Massage)

Duration 90 mnts

Price2500 /-

A subtle and gentle whole body relaxation massage involving thaichi, effleurage, petrisage, thumb kneading, scissoring and knuckling movements leading to complete relaxation of entire body and mind. Best preffered in stress and travel after effects.

Tapta Pashana Abhyanga (Hot Stone Massage)

Duration 90 mnts

Price2800 /-

Chakras link the auric field with the major nerve centres via meridian pathways. Subtle energies stored in medicated stones revive sapta chakras and relieve body pains, release toxins and increase circulation. Most benefited in arthritis, insomnia.

Pada Marmaabhyanga (Foot Reflexology)

Duration 45 mnts

Price1500 /-

The reflex points in each foot representing the perfect microcosm of the body are massaged that faciities and encourages the vital body energy to flow unimpeded rejuvenating all internal organs together with Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadis.

Udanchana (Lymphatic Drainage)

Duration 90 mnts

Price3000 /-

A specialized massage that drains the blocked lymph ducts, stimulates the nwrvous system, cleanses the body channels and increases immunity. Higly benefecial in Lymphoedema, loss of sensations, weakness, immune drop and stress disease.


(aplicable for every treatment listed above)

  • Avoid physical exertion of the body after the massage (min.2hrs to max.6hrs)
  • Stay away from intense sunlight or cold weather or rain
  • Do not drive long distances
  • Take balanced vegetarian diet with less spicy and oily for the full day
  • Drink plenty of water (max. 2litres)
  • Do not sleep for the first 6hours after the massage
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