ABAD Harmonia is located at Chowara in Trivandrum district and is set near Adimalathura beach which is accessible by a 10minutes walking. The property is located on a lush green area of 1.5acres of land and is 25 kms (45 min by car) from Trivandrum International Airport and 25 kms (45 min by car) from Trivandrum Central Railway station.


    • Offers the tranquility of Chowara beach
    • Proximity to Kovalam beach by 10kms
    • Experience the traditional charm of Fishermen village.
    • Perfect sojourn to visit heritage areas in Trivandrum and Kanyakumari .
    • Expert talk on Ayurveda in daily regimen.
    • Traditional treatments for different ailments.
    • Aesthetic healing of mind and soul by Yoga.
    • Live demo of Ayurveda cuisine with interactive session.

Why Chowara

Chowara Beach is a quaint and pleasing beach near Kovalam which is frequented by fishermen activities. The secluded sandy beach stretches from Kovalam to Poovar where one can experience the beauty of serene beach and charm of fishermen villages. The Adimalathura beach lying on the coastal belt of Chowara is considered as one among the few beaches in Kerala that has not been eroded by sea. Thus, a vacation over here for Yoga retreat and Ayurveda Wellness will also bestow the essence of experiencing the verdure of nature’ serenity.


The resort offers 34 rooms in 2 categories, 27 Superior rooms and 7 Cottages. The rooms have no beach view and have dimension of around 250sq ft. and is equipped with Air conditioning, Television, Telephone, Wi-Fi, Refrigerator, Tea-coffee maker, Hair dryer and Bath accessories.


Ayurveda is the heart and soul of this property and is considered the priority of this resort from ABAD group. The therapeutic and wellness treatments are carried under the expertise of Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala, our Ayurveda fraternity with over eight decades proficiency in this science. The centre has 4 treatment rooms with area of 202sq.ft and are bath attached. All the rooms are adequately equipped with Ayurveda requisites like wooden treatment table, Steam chamber, Shriodhara stand etc to perfectly meet all procedures

Aurveda Experience

On arrival at the resort after check-in you will be given a time for the first consultation with the Doctor. The consultation will usually being with a small introduction to understand the basic of Ayurveda. This will be followed by questions related to your health and your likes & dislikes along with Pulse diagnosis to ascertain your Prakruthi (Type/Constitution) and Vikruthi (Imbalance). Based on the information collected the doctor will decide the plan of treatment. He will also prescribe you some medication needed and will advise the diet to be followed during the stay. Based on your treatment chart you may get your first treatment the very first day or the next day.

The packages opted can extend from 7 to 21days depending on the health issues which include:
1. Rejuvenation / Detoxification (Rasayana / Panchakarma) 2. Spine Care and Neck Care (Prishta Raksha)
3. Body Slimming / Weight Loss (Sthoulya Nirharana) 4. Stress and Burn Out Relief (Mana Svaasthya)
5. Therapeutic packages (Niramaya)


Yoga, propounded by Patanjali is the ancient Indian knowledge where one’s own consciousness (jivatma) reunites with universal consciousness (paramatma). The practice of Yoga focuses the mind and body in eliciting the relaxation response to relieve oneself from physical and mental stress and achieve equilibrium of the body, mind and soul.


Based on the disease evaluation (Dooshya Prakruthi) and the genesis of body (Dosha Prakruthi), the consulting Doctor will prescribe the diet which would be a full vegetarian course. The guest must take the meal course in time as instructed. The types of food served includes VATA PITTA, PITTA KAPHA and KAPHA PITTA.

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